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This month was revolutionary for our second location! We started implementing things from the Incubator just a month ago, and we signed up over 40 people with our new client journey and NSIs this month! We don't advertise anywhere because people are just coming from the first 20 people, and every day we get more and more calls. Revenue is exploding at the moment, and our closing rate is over 80%! So everything you guys do and say we should do is working more than perfectly, and I paid off the incubator in 25 days! Thank you so much for everything! You changed my life and gave me the energy to do amazing things! Thank you again!  

Dino Molnar

CrossFit Rijeka

A bit late to the party but need to post that our first month of the Incubator our revenue was under $7,000 and in September we did over $30,000 for the first time. Our membership has soared from 50 to 164 and still climbing. Life is good at CFLT and loving that the focus is on hiring coaches as currently it is just the 4 of us and we are definitely all needing to pull back a bit on the hours. Thanks Anastasia for pushing us to do the hard stuff and Two-Brain for the endless stream of amazing content that keeps up striving to be better.

Tracey Woiwod

CrossFit LifeTree

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